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The Linnaen Society also exists in branches around the world.

In New York, the Linnaen Society is a club of amateur naturalists. Organized in 1878 by a group of amateurs dedicated to ornithology and natural science, the New York Linnaen Society members share an active interest in observing and learning about the natural environment of New York, with a particular emphasis on the resident and migratory birdlife of the area. Their programs include workshops, local birdwalks, field trips, field projects and publications.

The Swedish Linnaeus Society is devoted to the study of the 18th century naturalist Carl Linnaeus. The society still runs the Linnaeus Museum in the 17th century house adjacent to the garden at Uppsala University, where Linnaeus once lived.

Another branch exists in New South Wales, Australia. Founded in 1874, the establishment of the Society was largely due to the dedication and financial support of its first President, Sir William Macleay. Another important member in the society's early history was Joseph James Fletcher who was director and librarian (this title was afterwards changed to secretary) from 1885 and edited 33 volumes of the Proceedings of the society.

In Quebec, Canada, the society is known as, Société linnéenne du Québec. In France, there are several branches:

• La Société Linnéenne de la Seine maritime
• Société linnéenne de Lyon
• Société linnéenne de Provence
• Société Linnéenne de Bordeaux
• Société Linnéenne de Normandie




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